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InventLive, an effective safety tool that provides real-time GPS updates to the parents of kids on school buses. Parents receive quick notifications using Bluetooth IDs and staff can monitor school equipment by an asset-tracking system.

InventLive Workflow

Overview of our InventLive Tracking System

A tracking system called InventLive provides pupils riding school buses with real-time position information.

Notifications about student's bus journeys can be sent to parents instantly. By effectively tracking equipment movement, usage, and maintenance, the asset tagging system also makes it easier to manage all educational equipment in school

School Bus Tracking

InventLive, is a cutting-edge tracking service that offers a proactive approach to student safety, enhancing the overall school transportation experience for all stakeholders. Utilizing Bluetooth IDs, the system provides instant notifications to parents ensuring timely communication.

Key Features

Customized Alerts

Permits schools to set up customised alerts for certain occurrences, such as routing changes or bus delays.

Historical Tracking

Allows parents and staff access to Kid's history data, enabling them to examine previous bus routes and locations.

Secure Access

Guarantees safe access to kid’s tracking data, limiting access to those who are authorized only.

User-Friendly Interface

InventDesk delivers a user-friendly interface that makes monitoring and navigation simple for parents.

Comprehensive Reporting

Produces comprehensive reports for parents use on student attendance, bus movements, and other pertinent data.

Integration Capabilities

Streamlines data administration and communication by integrating easily with current school management systems.

"Safe school bus travel is the first step in a student's journey, fostering a sense of security to embrace knowledge, growth, and success."

Asset Tracking

InventLive as an asset tagging system simplifies the monitoring of all equipment on the school premises. By doing this, schools may increase operational efficiency, reduce equipment-related disruptions, and guarantee that regular activities run smoothly.

Key Features

Asset Tracking

Monitors the flow of educational supplies to establish responsibility and stop loss or damage

Usage Monitoring

Provides insights into the usage patterns of school asset, facilitating resource optimization

Maintenance Tracking

Keeping a tab on the equipment's condition and maintenance programs to ensure optimal performance

Real-time Data

Provides precise and up-to-date information regarding the location and condition of school supplies.

Operational Efficiency

Increases operational effectiveness through the simplification of equipment management procedures

Asset Tagging System

Permits thorough surveillance of each asset of educational equipment on the school premises

Frequently Asked Questions

SchoolSkies is a comprehensive school management ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that streamlines and automates numerous administrative tasks within educational institutions. It offers a centralized platform that simplifies the school’s entire management and communication procedures to enhance overall productivity.

SchoolSkies ERP encompasses a wide range of features and services, including student and teacher management, attendance tracking, admission portal, fee management, inventory management, library management, mobile app for parents, website development, cloud hosting and customer support. We also provide safety features such as BLE ID cards and GPS tracking of school buses.

Absolutely. Our School ERP is crafted to offer flexibility and customization. We have developed all the essential modules for school management, allowing schools to use them based on their specific requirements. The system can be easily adapted to meet the unique workflows of your school, providing a tailored solution that aligns with your needs.

Implementing the School ERP is a collaborative process. Our team will work closely with your school to understand your requirements, provide necessary training, and support a smooth transition. We offer ongoing assistance to ensure the successful integration of the system into your school environment.

Our ERP includes communication tools that facilitate seamless collaboration and interaction between teachers, students, and parents. These tools encompass a range of features including messaging capabilities, timely announcements, and event notifications to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged.

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