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possibilities of Indian schools through our ERP solution

SchoolSkies has become the top choice for many schools throughout India, and our growth is accelerating. Join our happy school community to discover unique benefits and solutions.

Our Story

  • We embarked on a mission to revolutionize education technology, leading the shift to online school administration. Our dedication propelled schools into the digital era.

  • We introduced an innovative solution for tech-savvy parents to simplify school tasks. Government schools across the states also embraced SchoolSkies and encouraged its purpose.

  • Schools across sectors have experienced the transformative power of SchoolSkies. It bypassed administrative constraints, enabling educators to focus on nurturing young minds.

  • Partnered with Microsoft and launched MASP Skies, a bundle of unique School Management Solutions and Microsoft Tools. SchoolSkies was awarded the “Best Innovative Education Product Award” from the Telangana State Council of Higher Education and ET TECH X in association with Brainfeed Educational Magazine.

  • Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, our dedicated efforts to train educators in conducting online classes, facilitating digital transformation for over 40 educational institutions.

  • We launched the SchoolSkies parent app to enhance communication between parents and schools. We also reinforced our commitment to student safety with our cutting-edge safety module.

Our Vision

SchoolSkies' vision is to promote engagement, collaboration, and excellence among administrators, parents, and educators. It supports fostering a holistic approach to education that goes beyond traditional boundaries while evolving educational landscapes and preparing students for success stories in an ever-changing world.

Our Mission

SchoolSkies focuses on leveraging cutting-edge technology to rationalise school organisational workflows. Our mission lies in nurturing an integrated school management system that seamlessly combines communication improvement, administrative efficiency, and tailored learning to elevate the educational experience.

Our Organization

Welcome to SchoolSkies, a pioneering initiative by BotCode Web Integration Solutions PVT LTD, established in 2007. We specialize in delivering innovative enterprise web and data solutions and are proud to count among our esteemed clientele some of the world's most respected innovators in travel, retail, and social media, including eBay, Grand Hyatt, Genting, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

BotCode has developed a range of products tailored for the education and healthcare sectors in the Indian market. SchoolSkies stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation in education technology. It is a niche product used by top schools in India, designed to streamline School Management & Safety solutions. In collaboration with Microsoft, we launched MASP Skies, a bundled solution of Unique School Management software and Microsoft Tools, which was a pioneering offering in India.

Our Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

SchoolSkies is a comprehensive school management ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that streamlines and automates numerous administrative tasks within educational institutions. It offers a centralized platform that simplifies the school’s entire management and communication procedures to enhance overall productivity.

SchoolSkies ERP encompasses a wide range of features and services, including student and teacher management, attendance tracking, admission portal, fee management, inventory management, library management, mobile app for parents, website development, cloud hosting and customer support. We also provide safety features such as BLE ID cards and GPS tracking of school buses.

Absolutely. Our School ERP is crafted to offer flexibility and customization. We have developed all the essential modules for school management, allowing schools to use them based on their specific requirements. The system can be easily adapted to meet the unique workflows of your school, providing a tailored solution that aligns with your needs.

Implementing the School ERP is a collaborative process. Our team will work closely with your school to understand your requirements, provide necessary training, and support a smooth transition. We offer ongoing assistance to ensure the successful integration of the system into your school environment.

Our ERP includes communication tools that facilitate seamless collaboration and interaction between teachers, students, and parents. These tools encompass a range of features including messaging capabilities, timely announcements, and event notifications to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged.

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