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SchoolSkies offers a robust safe online solution - InventTag that empowers instructors and school administrators to monitor students' activities online to ensure a safe and productive online learning environment for students.

InventTag Workflow

Overview of our BLE ID Card System.

Our state-of-the-art BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) ID card technology completely transforms how schools keep track of teachers' and kids' arrivals and departures. With the help of these ID cards, each student has a unique identity that the school may use to follow them online as they enter and leave the school.

The system provides smooth tracking capabilities by utilizing Bluetooth technology, guaranteeing precise and instant tracking of the student’s and visitor’s movements.

Student Tracking

InventTag system offers a comprehensive solution for online monitoring for students. By employing our cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrate our solution with your school's present infrastructure.

Key Features

Attendance Monitoring

Automatic attendance recording upon entry/exit with instant accessibility to authorized personnel

Location Tracking

Real-time tracking of student locations which pinpoints their whereabouts instantly

Customizable Alerts

Prompt alerts for unusual student movements which enable swift administrator action

Historical Reporting

Tracks attendance patterns over time facilitating the identification of security protocol improvements

Integration Capabilities

Seamless integration with SchoolSkies modules, offering a tailored security solution for each institution

Cutting-edge Technology

Cutting-edge features intended to solve different safety concerns and reduce potential risks

"Ensuring student safety in schools is not just a responsibility but a commitment to their well-being, education, and future."

Visitor Tracking

InventTag offers innovative Visitor Tracking features to improve school security and safety. Our technology keeps track of guests' activities from the moment they arrive until they leave, enabling thorough monitoring during their stay on campus.

Key Features

Entry and Exit Monitoring

Easy entry and exit tracking with BLE ID cards which provides real-time insights for administrators

Customized Access Control

Tailored ID cards for visitor access with custom access control for approved areas

Comprehensive Vigilance

Complete monitoring of visitor activity  to maintain enhanced security vigilance

Real-time Alerts

Instant alerts for unusual visitor activities  prompt swift action for security concerns

Visitor History Log

Detailed visitor activity logs  enhance accountability and transparency within the institution

Detailed Reporting

Access to in-depth reports on the movements and activities of visitors for careful review and analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

SchoolSkies is a comprehensive school management ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that streamlines and automates numerous administrative tasks within educational institutions. It offers a centralized platform that simplifies the school’s entire management and communication procedures to enhance overall productivity.

SchoolSkies ERP encompasses a wide range of features and services, including student and teacher management, attendance tracking, admission portal, fee management, inventory management, library management, mobile app for parents, website development, cloud hosting and customer support. We also provide safety features such as BLE ID cards and GPS tracking of school buses.

Absolutely. Our School ERP is crafted to offer flexibility and customization. We have developed all the essential modules for school management, allowing schools to use them based on their specific requirements. The system can be easily adapted to meet the unique workflows of your school, providing a tailored solution that aligns with your needs.

Implementing the School ERP is a collaborative process. Our team will work closely with your school to understand your requirements, provide necessary training, and support a smooth transition. We offer ongoing assistance to ensure the successful integration of the system into your school environment.

Our ERP includes communication tools that facilitate seamless collaboration and interaction between teachers, students, and parents. These tools encompass a range of features including messaging capabilities, timely announcements, and event notifications to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged.

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